Whether you are buying a new home or renting one, as long as you and your loved ones reside in it, you would require keeping everyone absolutely safe. Insurance could get you covered only after any incident has already taken place, but what will keep you and your loved ones safe from the occurrence such incidents? Well the solution to this problem is using the advanced security gadgets for your home.

It is a new-age which keeps you totally occupied with handling and coping with personal and professional commitments and you require smart protection for your home, its belongings and your loved ones no matter where you are. Well, Don’t Worry! Just check out some really cool, smart and new home security gadgets that help you get rid of these problems easily.

Have a Look at the 5 Hottest and Advanced Home Security Gadgets to Keep Your Home and Your Loved Ones Safe:

  • Biometric Fingerprint Locks: The new leys and locks come in many different shapes, types and sizes and there are several apartments that make use of key cards for home security. But even after that thieves can still find new ways to enter in your home, through duplicating the codes and mold of your home keys. For improved home security, home owners should make use of biometric fingerprint locks to protect their homes through a pattern which cannot be duplicated somewhere else. As every individual has unique fingerprints, therefore there is no other way to let the intruders to enter.
  • Doorstop Wedge Alarm: Another new home security gadget to prevent you and your loved ones from robberies at your home is the doorstop wedge alarm. It is one of the most helpful home alarm systems which are being placed behind the closed door to prevent its opening. If anybody tries to break in then, this doorstop wedge alarm will scream out louder than a 120 dB siren. This is a mobile gadget which you can carry anywhere you go easily and is extremely useful to protect your home, dorms and hotels effectively.
  • Kibbi: Kibbi is another new home security gadget and is a full home monitoring system which has a large-angle HD camera, night vision, motion detection, proximity detection, 1 GB recording storage and temperature monitoring function. Its sensors can be easily attached to all the doors and windows in your home.
  • Fake TV Deterrent: This is one of the most effective new home security gadgets available in the market today. This home security gadget comprises of LED lights that comes with changing colors and is projected to a wall, emerging like your TV is on and someone in the home is still awake. When trespassers get to know that there’s someone in home who is awake and attentive and might catch them or call the police, they would not try to break in. The fake TV deterrent comes with a timer which can be set for a specified time when you are sleeping and gets turned off automatically when you are awake.
  • Novi: Novi appears to be like a smoke detector, but it has three unique features too which makes it a powerful and killer home security gadget. It comes with a motion sensor, a real-time 170 degree HD camera and a 90dB siren if you require scaring away a trespasser. The unique Novi app tells you everything through your smartphone if anything is wrong.

Besides the above mentioned new home security gadgets there are many more smart home security gadgets easily available in the marketplace for home owners to choose from as per their security needs. So, choose wisely and keep yourself and your loved ones absolutely safe!