Insects and pests usually are seen often at home and many times they just vanish away. Lots of ants getting in the sugar jars, the cockroaches wandering around in the kitchen sink and dustbins are a very common scenario in every household, but are not at all safe and hygienic for the people living in that house. These pests can cause many harmful diseases to people living in the house and should be removed constantly. There are numerous harmless DIY (Do It Yourself) home remedies for pest control available in your home which can be used for this purpose.

You might not know the right approaches to use the readymade chemical based products available in the market and might end up in a complete mess. While making use of the natural DIY home remedies for pest control at home, you can eliminate these harmful pests easily.

Check Out Some Really Effective DIY Home Remedies For Pest Control:

  • Begin With Simple Remedies: Commence with regular vacuum cleaning and mopping floors daily. Always keep the food items tightly covered and sealed to avoid these pests getting attracted by its smell. If there is a leakage or pores in your drainage system then, seal it right away since these are the entry points for the bugs. Never keep unwashed plates and dishes in your kitchen sink, since this can attract cockroaches and many other pests. Vacant the dustbins regularly and make sure to keep the garbage dump store away from your home.
  • Remedies to Keep Ants Away: Spray some coffee grounds and soapy water around your home doors and windows for keeping the ants away. Try keeping the mint tea leaves, cucumber and kerosene oil over or close to the ants and they will vanish away quickly since they cannot stand its smell.
  • Remedies to Keep Cockroaches Away: Prepare soapy water solution and keep it in a spray bottle and then spray it on the cockroaches as you see them. You can also spread out some boric acid on the sink, countertops or pipes where you spot them and then they will carry the acid in their mouths towards their nests thereby killing the other bugs effectively.
  • Remedies to Keep Spiders Away: Properly mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle, spray it on the spiders and spiders will die right away.
  • Remedies to Keep Mosquitoes Away: Getting rid of mosquitoes is quite tough and requires some hard work and patience to remove them totally.  Use the oils or may be the extracts of neem, mint, tulsi, eucalyptus and lavender are extremely effective to remove mosquitoes from your home.
  • Plant Herbs around Your Home: There are few herbs and plants such as neem, eucalyptus, tea tree, tulsi, mint, marigold and citronella in your home garden or in your balcony or courtyard which can keep away several harmful insects and bugs from your home.

These harmful pests are living things that require suitable environment to breed but through making use of the above mentioned home remedies these pests can be removed easily. So, why wait? Start using these effective DIY home remedies for pest control at home and enjoy healthy living in a pest free home.