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Expert Advice

Excavating the Significant Considerations to Take While Designing an Ideal Study Room

The study room is a space that should reflect a person’s character and individuality. However, it is the quietest rooms within the home. The study room should be perfectly designed, decorated and organized to make users feel comfortable, resourceful and shouldn’t have any distractions. It is extremely important to consider the usability preferences of the individuals that will use the study room and what they exactly intend to do in that room. Is it only meant to be used for studying or you want to use for leisure reading and crafting artworks? To assist you plan it out effectively further, below discussed are the key consideration that you require weighing on while designing a study room.

Check Out the Significant Considerations to Take While Designing an Ideal Study Room:

  • Choice of the Color:  While designing a study room, selecting an ideal color is one of the most significant tasks to do. Everyone wants to have a study room which creates a positive and peaceful aura. It is the most valuable space in home wherein kids study, set new goals for their future and get away from all the distractions around. So, it is very important to pick the right color to suit the above mentioned needs. Green and warm blue are the best study room color options and avoid using loud colors like red, yellow etc.
  • The Best Study Table & Chair:  Finding a suitable chair which works perfectly with your table is a must. It should be comfortable, have right size and enable you to sit at ease at the right height at your table and your feet touching the floor. Having a beautiful chair is nice, but in this case the comfort of a chair is important than anything else. You can buy a chair having rollers or legs to help you move around or shift it easily!
  • Cabinets and Shelves: The study room is always incomplete without books; there should be an appropriate place to keep the books and notebooks. Open shelves are one of the best choices to showcase and store your books. Laptops, school supplies, phones and gadget accessories can be easily kept in cabinets. To properly keep your PC, printer and speakers, set them up in one place by install the high open shelves. You can also create a customized standalone table having compartments at the bottom. A corner cabinet is another great storage option to have in your study room.
  • Lighting:  Proper lighting placement makes your study room highly beneficial and efficient for you. You can install reading lamp sconces as they provide proper lighting, can be used for wall decors and you do not require removing or putting them back several times. By using lamp sconces your entire study room will get well-lit and will not make you feel sleepy. For those who enjoy reading, this option is surely quite gratifying.
  • Ideal Ventilation: Like a perfect lighting resource, a good, fresh and pleasant air can build a perfect aura and which will help you to concentrate more on your study. A peaceful surrounding and fresh air is the key source to start something with full enthusiasm and when it comes to study room we can’t miss the proper ventilation thing.  

Everything is possible and achievable if done with the right attitude so, adopt the above mentioned important considerations prior to designing your study room to carve out improved studying retreat which might boost your results, career, health and bring in positivity in your life.

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The Increasing Importance of Sunlight and Building Orientation for Different Rooms in Your Home

Have you ever though that why your home is bizarrely cold in winter or extremely hot in summer? The answer to this problem could boil down to proper sunlight and building orientation. Having proper orientation of your dream home allows you to take full benefit of a strong source of lower utility costs-sunlight.

We all know that the sun rises in the east direction and sets in the west direction and during midday sunlight is at low angle during winters and at a high angle during summers. Keeping in mind these basic facts, a lot can be done to position your dream home properly so that the daily and seasonal movements of the sun works in your favor and increases your indoor comfort while plummeting the heating and cooling expenses.

If optimal building orientation could be achieved then, it will decrease your heating needs, energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. An effective sunlight orientation can be done through having a proper understanding of sun paths at the home site at different times and seasonal movements in the year.

Let Us Understand the Importance of Sunlight and Building Orientation for Different Rooms in Your Home:

  • North-Facing Rooms in Your Home: All the key living spaces including family, dining and living rooms must be north facing if possible. Check out the key things to be kept in mind while building orientation process in the north facing rooms:
  1. The room must get good day sunlight throughout the day.
  2. The must have solar gain throughout the year.
  3. The room should have horizontal shading to be safe from overheating during summers.
  4. The room must have proper passive solar gain during winters.
  • South-Facing Rooms in Your Home: The South-facing rooms in your home are not apt for livable spaces because they-
  1. Have less daylight throughout the year.
  2. Have very little or zero heat gain.

These rooms are perfect for building a laundry, workroom, garage, stairs, bathroom and toilet wherein individuals spend very little time and use them rarely.

  • East-Facing Rooms in Your Home: The East facing rooms in your home are apt for building kitchen and the breakfast areas since individuals can benefit from early morning solar gains all through the year and get cooler in the late afternoon when dinner preparation starts. The east-facing rooms:
  1. Have excellent morning sunlight.
  2. Deliver required morning solar gain all through the year to offer early warming.
  3. Stay cooler in the late afternoon and evening which makes it more comfy for sleeping during summers.
  • West-Facing Rooms in Your Home: The west-facing rooms get low-angle and late afternoon sun, therefore they need a little shading to keep the room safe from overheating and too much glare, specifically in summers. The west-facing rooms-
  1. Have excellent noon time sunlight.
  2. Might get overheated in the late afternoon throughout the year.
  3. Needs vertical shading to stay safe from overheating and over glare during the noon time.
  4. Give excellent direct solar gain for the thermal mass heating of your home’ living spaces throughout the evening.
  • Outdoor Living Spaces: Generally, outdoor living spaces must be north-facing so that they obtain sunlight when being in use.
  • Air Locks: One of the latest interior design features to consider for both heat retention and exclusion is to consist of an air lock or space amid the exterior and indoor living spaces. Air locks are extremely useful in the high wind areas and must be easy to close from both outside and inside spaces and may be:
  1. The entrance lobby.
  2. Laundry.
  3. The mud room.
  4. The attached garage.

This space must be adequately big to enable the doors to get opened easily, as inadequate spaces will lead to the door being left eternally opened and fail the primary purpose of an air lock.

If your dream home does not have proper sunlight and building orientation then, try employing the above mentioned tips orient your home’s design to capture adequate sunlight passage in your home.

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A Comprehensive Glance at Highly Effective DIY Home Remedies for Pest Control At Home

Insects and pests usually are seen often at home and many times they just vanish away. Lots of ants getting in the sugar jars, the cockroaches wandering around in the kitchen sink and dustbins are a very common scenario in every household, but are not at all safe and hygienic for the people living in that house. These pests can cause many harmful diseases to people living in the house and should be removed constantly. There are numerous harmless DIY (Do It Yourself) home remedies for pest control available in your home which can be used for this purpose.

You might not know the right approaches to use the readymade chemical based products available in the market and might end up in a complete mess. While making use of the natural DIY home remedies for pest control at home, you can eliminate these harmful pests easily.

Check Out Some Really Effective DIY Home Remedies For Pest Control:

  • Begin With Simple Remedies: Commence with regular vacuum cleaning and mopping floors daily. Always keep the food items tightly covered and sealed to avoid these pests getting attracted by its smell. If there is a leakage or pores in your drainage system then, seal it right away since these are the entry points for the bugs. Never keep unwashed plates and dishes in your kitchen sink, since this can attract cockroaches and many other pests. Vacant the dustbins regularly and make sure to keep the garbage dump store away from your home.
  • Remedies to Keep Ants Away: Spray some coffee grounds and soapy water around your home doors and windows for keeping the ants away. Try keeping the mint tea leaves, cucumber and kerosene oil over or close to the ants and they will vanish away quickly since they cannot stand its smell.
  • Remedies to Keep Cockroaches Away: Prepare soapy water solution and keep it in a spray bottle and then spray it on the cockroaches as you see them. You can also spread out some boric acid on the sink, countertops or pipes where you spot them and then they will carry the acid in their mouths towards their nests thereby killing the other bugs effectively.
  • Remedies to Keep Spiders Away: Properly mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle, spray it on the spiders and spiders will die right away.
  • Remedies to Keep Mosquitoes Away: Getting rid of mosquitoes is quite tough and requires some hard work and patience to remove them totally.  Use the oils or may be the extracts of neem, mint, tulsi, eucalyptus and lavender are extremely effective to remove mosquitoes from your home.
  • Plant Herbs around Your Home: There are few herbs and plants such as neem, eucalyptus, tea tree, tulsi, mint, marigold and citronella in your home garden or in your balcony or courtyard which can keep away several harmful insects and bugs from your home.

These harmful pests are living things that require suitable environment to breed but through making use of the above mentioned home remedies these pests can be removed easily. So, why wait? Start using these effective DIY home remedies for pest control at home and enjoy healthy living in a pest free home.

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5 Hottest and Advanced Home Security Gadgets to Keep Your Home and Your Loved Ones Safe

Whether you are buying a new home or renting one, as long as you and your loved ones reside in it, you would require keeping everyone absolutely safe. Insurance could get you covered only after any incident has already taken place, but what will keep you and your loved ones safe from the occurrence such incidents? Well the solution to this problem is using the advanced security gadgets for your home.

It is a new-age which keeps you totally occupied with handling and coping with personal and professional commitments and you require smart protection for your home, its belongings and your loved ones no matter where you are. Well, Don’t Worry! Just check out some really cool, smart and new home security gadgets that help you get rid of these problems easily.

Have a Look at the 5 Hottest and Advanced Home Security Gadgets to Keep Your Home and Your Loved Ones Safe:

  • Biometric Fingerprint Locks: The new leys and locks come in many different shapes, types and sizes and there are several apartments that make use of key cards for home security. But even after that thieves can still find new ways to enter in your home, through duplicating the codes and mold of your home keys. For improved home security, home owners should make use of biometric fingerprint locks to protect their homes through a pattern which cannot be duplicated somewhere else. As every individual has unique fingerprints, therefore there is no other way to let the intruders to enter.
  • Doorstop Wedge Alarm: Another new home security gadget to prevent you and your loved ones from robberies at your home is the doorstop wedge alarm. It is one of the most helpful home alarm systems which are being placed behind the closed door to prevent its opening. If anybody tries to break in then, this doorstop wedge alarm will scream out louder than a 120 dB siren. This is a mobile gadget which you can carry anywhere you go easily and is extremely useful to protect your home, dorms and hotels effectively.
  • Kibbi: Kibbi is another new home security gadget and is a full home monitoring system which has a large-angle HD camera, night vision, motion detection, proximity detection, 1 GB recording storage and temperature monitoring function. Its sensors can be easily attached to all the doors and windows in your home.
  • Fake TV Deterrent: This is one of the most effective new home security gadgets available in the market today. This home security gadget comprises of LED lights that comes with changing colors and is projected to a wall, emerging like your TV is on and someone in the home is still awake. When trespassers get to know that there’s someone in home who is awake and attentive and might catch them or call the police, they would not try to break in. The fake TV deterrent comes with a timer which can be set for a specified time when you are sleeping and gets turned off automatically when you are awake.
  • Novi: Novi appears to be like a smoke detector, but it has three unique features too which makes it a powerful and killer home security gadget. It comes with a motion sensor, a real-time 170 degree HD camera and a 90dB siren if you require scaring away a trespasser. The unique Novi app tells you everything through your smartphone if anything is wrong.

Besides the above mentioned new home security gadgets there are many more smart home security gadgets easily available in the marketplace for home owners to choose from as per their security needs. So, choose wisely and keep yourself and your loved ones absolutely safe!