The home architecture and interior designing plays an extremely vital role in how good your life will be. When we speak of building an ideal home, it always brings not merely positivity, but also brings in the zeal which is needed to prosper your routine activities. Speaking of its further home development, this positivity will be used in building your dream home with effective home and vastu tips and principles.
Wonder Homes is a pioneering architecture and interior design agency that specializes in offering customized and vastu-friendly architecture and interior design tips for your dream home, home office or any given specific area. Our effective home and vastu tips assists in the formation of a new foundation of your dream home considering the cosmic principles stated in the Vastu Shastra.
Know How Wonder Homes’ Vastu Direction Tips for Your Dream Home That Can Help you Build a Positive Home & a Positive Life:
At Wonder Homes, we aim to create home architecture and interior designs which are realistic, creative and vastu-friendly considering the societal, environmental and aesthetic concerns applicable to every home design project, read on to know how-

1. Kitchen:
 Entry door should be in the East, North or West direction.
 The gas should be placed in the South-East corner and should not face the main door.
 Sink should be in the North-East corner.
 Electric appliances should be placed in the south-east or south direction of the kitchen.
 For dining table the North-West or West side of kitchen is perfect.
 Ideal colors for kitchen are yellow, orange and rose.

2. Bedroom:
 The ideal direction for bedroom is South-West, South, West or North-West.
 The door and window of bedroom should be in the East side or the North.
 The attached bathrooms should be in West or North direction of the bedroom.
 Cabinet should be placed in south-west direction of the bedroom.
 While sleeping your head must be towards the South or East direction of the bedroom.

3. Pooja Room:
 The Pooja room should always be situated in the North, East or the North-east direction. While worshipping you should face towards East or North direction.
 The door and window of worship room should be in north or east direction and Agnikund should be in
the south-east direction.
 The color of the Pooja room walls should be white, lemon or light blue.

4. Home Office:
 Reception area should be in North-east direction.
 Safes and cupboard should be in south-west direction.
 Side table and phones should be in the south-west corner.
 Washroom should be situated in the North-east and South-west directions.
 Employees and directors should be seated in the West, South or South-west area.

Besides offering the most effective Vastu tips for your home and workplace, Wonder Homes also offer the most useful
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